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Why a blog on transgender issues?

All things transgender are on my mind.  When I do searches on transgender issues I don’t come up with a lot, so I’ve decided to create a center for transgender issues here on this blog. 

So many things are going on with sexuality and gender right now.  Here in America the awareness of transsexuality and transgender is increasing because of film, documentary, stories, and news about people who call themselves trans, transexual, transgender, genderless, etc.  My curiousity and interest in the struggle for acceptance of people who don’t fit into the heterosexual m/f norms is greater than ever – perhaps yours is too.

Pinning down “transgender” into a definition is impossible – it’s a word that’s used in different contexts for different reasons.  There are so many words and ways of describing gender.  It’s fluid, a spectrum, not “final” or undifferentiated and true.  I’ll try not to offend anyone or to come off as insensitive as I try to use terms in an effort to describe the issues around gender.  My intentions are good – please educate me and help me learn.

Look for news, controversial issues, interviews, reviews, and personal meditations on all things trans. 


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